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The Heavy Grips hand grippers- Develop HUGE forearms and a crushing grip with the Heavy Grips hand-grippers. Perfect for all athletes to develop superior handstrength for any sport!
Heavy-Grip hand-grippers- Perfect for all athletes that need to increase hand and forearm strength.
The Heavy Grips hand grippers- Develop HUGE forearms and a crushing grip with the Heavy Grips hand-grippers. Perfect for all athletes to develop superior handstrength for any sport!

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 Strongman/Strongwoman Page and Links

British Columbia Extreme Athletics Association


trongman Clayton Edgin, teaches you how to tear a deck of cards in half!!

New Jersey Superman: Greg Matonick's old-time strongman site. Check out Greg doing awesome feats of strength such as bending a quarter coin in his teeth!

Iron Sport Gym-- This awesome strength site has everything for the Strongman and Highland Games competitor, trainee and fan alike. Tons of training info, editorials, meet results, pictures, links, forum, etc.. They have it all!!

BC Extreme Athletics: This group promotes  wholesome athletic activities through the sport of Strongman in British Columbia & Western Canada while also raising funds and awareness for the BC Children’s Hospital, Brain Injury Ward.

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Manitoba Association of Strength Athletes-- A group of dedicated strength athletes in Manitoba, Canada, promoting safe, competitive events. Competition listings, forum, contacts and links.

Red, White and Blue Fitness-- The worlds newest source in physical preparation and fitness for firefighters, law enforcement, military and just plain ol' hard core civilians.

 William Alexander successfully pulling the trolley at the George Washington University Strongman Competition

Interview With Strongman Greg Stott-- By Curtis Dennis Jr.

No Pain No Gain-- Press Releases!! Including a press release regarding WSW Jill Mills.

Heavy Sports Emag-- Articles about power!! Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding and interviews with today's strongest athletes.

Robert's Universe-- This site was established in recognition of Leo Robert's outstanding career and commitment to natural bodybuilding. Home of the "International Natural Weightlifting Case Study" and much more!

Svend Karlsen Interview--  by Curt Dennis Jr.

JILL MILLS.com --The online home of  Strong Woman Champion.

The World's Strongest Woman-- Jill Mills

Exclusive Interview with Jill Mills--The World's Strongest Woman

Elite Fitness-- "The most controversial fitness site on the net"

Underground Intelligence from Elite Fitness -- E-books and special memberships.

2 Man/Woman Deadlift Challenge -- Contact your lifting buddies and let them know about this event,  the more, the better.  NO travel costs, NO hotels, you complete the lift in on your own "turff".

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Monster Muscle -- The best magazine covering the strength sports we love.

Built Solid Strongman Challenge -- Check the results of this May 2003 competition!

North American Strongman Society -- North America's Amateur Strongman/woman

IFSA World Champ. Strong Man Super Series - Current Strongman News

APT's Pro Wrist Straps --The toughest Wrist Straps on the market today, bar none.

IFSA Super Series Strongman News -- Jan 23/2003

Click here to find Strongman news, events and information on the strength athletes. Strongman Super Series.Svend Karlsen's Viking Power

National Strength Athletics Association(NSAA)

Explosive Athletic Training

Ohio Valley   Strong Man Competitions

BodyTech Strength Promotions                

Real Dutch Power-- The Dutch Strong Man / Strong Woman site. Past and present WSM and WSW results. The language is Dutch in origin.

Dutch Strongman Site-- This constantly updated site contains the most complete Strong Man / Strongwoman links possibly in the world. It has links to athletes and various organizations including Highland Games and strongman challenges. In Dutch.

Ken Brown's Site-- A well put together site for this US Strongman.

Ken Brown Interview -- An interesting interview from the Fresno California Strongman

Strength Athlete.com

Strongest Man Alive Site

World's Strongest Man Site


The House of Payne

APT's Pro Wrist Straps --The toughest Wrist Straps on the market today, bar none.


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