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Click on the above picture to be taken to Arm Wrestling.Org-- A messageboard dedicated to all things Arm Wrestling!!

Send us your pic and we'll put a new one up each week! Also include your name and who you're pulling.

For All Your Armwrestling Links.


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Some past pics of the week.

THE POWER SHOP (hand grippers,  strength E-books, etc..)

Armwrestling.Org-- A messageboard dedicated to all things Arm Wrestling! Armwrestlers blogs, stories, tournaments, etc..

Pull Sport USA-- New online discussion forum for armwrestlers.

Tuesday Night Armwrestling Chat (sign in first)-- Chat online with other "pullers" around the World!

United States Armsports (USA) -- USA is an umbrella organization representing armwrestling organizations and events in the United States of America. We have schedules for armwrestling competition throughout the United States and other countries which are open to all athletes wishing to enter. 

American Armsport Assoc.(AAA)-- Founded over 30 yrs ago, the AAA is composed of 56 different US clubs. Is one of the two "official" WAF members of the United States. It depends on which WAF you are referring to, and I am still confused.


International Armwrestling Federation(IAF)-- Ran by Bill "The Roadrunner" Cox, the IAF is a member of United States Armsports, and mostly holds tournaments on the East Coast area, and Can-Am Championships. He also has a message board and chat site and if you get on his email list, he sends out great jokes!!

Armworld Promotions --Tournaments run by Bill & Ginger Collins in California and Nevada.

Armsport Magazine  --6 issues per year Issues Include:Tournament Calendar, Feature Articles
Tournament Flyers from all over the U.S.,    Workout Tips,  Featured Armwrestlers.

Heartland ArmWrestling--  AAA affiliated, Heartland Arm Wrestling runs some great tournaments and has some good causes like "Pull for the Hungry" in the Mid-West USA.

The Utah Arm Benders -- This site is dedicated to the  Armwrestlers of Utah. There are two predominate teams here, Utah Armsport Association and Team Utah.

The New Heavy Handle Dumbbell ---      www.heavyhandle.com

The most innovative Dumbbell ever invented and perfect for Armwrestlers to develop superior 'back pressure' as well as extreme wrist strength. Click here for exercises that are perfect for the sport of Arm-Wrestling.



Pulling John-- A cool new site featuring numerous time World Champion-- John Brzenk.

Ultimate Arm Wrestling -- Excellent Armwrestling Tips, exercises, and everything about armwrestling from the students at Washington University.  Perfect for Beginners! Check this site out!!

Nova Scotia Arm Wrestling --Clubs, results, profiles, history, and contacts for Nova Scotia.

Manitoba Arm Wrestling Assoc.--    The MAWA has been around for many years and have held some of the best quality tournaments anywhere. Many top national and World-class competitors came from this club.

Ontario Armwrestling Federation -- I've been waiting a long time for this one, seeing as I live in Ontario! Looks like they have a message board, Cdn links and WAF info. Excellent!




1996 and 1998 Canadian Champ Ken Faragher(right) making his arm-wrestling return in Minnesota bigger and stronger than ever!

hehee...just between us, as you can probably tell, he can curl more than he can squat !!!! Ken can easily 'hammer curl' 120lb dumbbells for ten strict reps each arm!



The founder of organized arm wrestling(wrist wrestling), Mr. Bill Soberanes, passes away June 3/2003.


California Armwrestling--An excellent site by California puller Steve Inzalaco. He's got forums, tournament postings and results for California and Nevada, pictures, and training information. Check out the Dusty Files Cabinet Center!

Team Louisiana --  A great new site from the good guys(and girls) in Louisiana.

Elite Fitness-- "The most controversial fitness site on the net"

Greg Wilson's Illinois Page --  Greg's site was one of the armwrestling pioneers on the net when there was just a "small family" of us. I think he uploaded shortly after my "Armwrestling World" back in 1995, and I'm glad to see he's still updated and looking good. I can't even remember what happened to "armwrestling world", but it was pretty cool in the day!

Quebec's Armwrestling Federation: "Bras de Fer"-Quebec . Shoulda paid more attention in French Class. Nice looking French Site with good contact info, pictures and events.

World Armwrestling Federation (one of the WAF's) -- Ran by Bill Cox of IAF. has links, constitution, executive members, tournaments, etc..

Power House Armwrestling-- A brand new great site from a group of armwrestlers in Ohio.

San Diego Armwresling-- Armpullers.com     Home of Allen and Carolyn Fisher, World Champions and champion people. Check out their site as it is a valuable source of armwrestling information.

New York Armwrestling On-Line -- These guys and gals host some great tournies with alot of media in NY.

Moscow Arm Sport Federation  --- I can't read Russian, but this site looks AWESOME!! Check it out!

Armwrestling Super Site-  Gary Ray of Houston Texas has everything the armwrestler needs at this site!

Australia Armwrestling   -- A new but growing sport in the land down-under.

Arm Wrestling and Wrist Wrestling Tables  from Australia  -Tables made by Aussie Richard Aplin and sent anywhere in the World. I've never tried one, but they don't look too bad.

Henrik Jaccobsenn's Swedish Armwrestling Site --    I haven't corresponded with Henrik in years, but I think that it's still his site, as it still has the cheerleaders dancing around near the bottom. Let me know if you read Swedish if it's still owned by Henrik!

Netherlands Arm Sports    -- Doesn't look like this site has been updated since 1999.

Armwrestling Tables.com   -- Custom designed Armwrestling Tables by EAZOR. $695 +S&H

Killler's Personal Armwrestling and Links   --Killer has been New Jersey Champion and has some good links.

Slovak Armwrestling Association -Nice site, and updated!! "The Best From World of Armwrestling" they claim!

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Swedish Armwrestling Fed. --   Välkommen till Svensk Armsport på internet!  (got me??!)


Niklas' Swedish Armwrestling Site   I think this is an arm wrestling site, or it could be an S & M Site. Lots of chains and barbed wire!!  Looks pretty cool(Not that I'm into S&M)!

Turkish Armwrestling Site  Another site that hasn't been updated in some time. Good stuff though in English as well.

Heavy Sports Emag-- Articles about power!! Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding and interviews with today's strongest athletes.


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New Mexico Armwrestling Promotions --    Contact Martin Armijo and Michelle Mares

Phoenix Arms     -- A great new site from the pullers in Phoenix Arizona.

Southwest Florida Armwrestling Team-- Open to all who have an interest in arm wrestling.



Mike West's ARMS BY J.C

PULSOLAND-- Spanish Armwrestling Site -- I can't read Spanish, but it's a well put together Armsport site.







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