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Heavy Sports is proud to introduce the innovative new Heavy Handle™ Dumbbell
This innovative dumbbell with it's unique patent-pending design will allow you to add a totally innovative exercise routine to your current training regimen. By changing the weight to either of the two weight shafts, you change the angle of resistance which allows you to target the muscle group you are working on in a totally new way.
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Q:   Why did you change your motto from "Live Strong" to "Live Stronger™"?

A: When Heavy Sports was incorporated in Canada in June 2000 we began looking for a simple motto to place on our products because "The Online Home of Strength Athletes" didn't fit well on our video labels or on our logo. We held a local contest in August 2000 and the owner of the computer service company we used came up with "Live Strong". This simple motto was perfect for Heavy Sports athletes who's lives revolve around strength training.

 In 2004, the Lance Armstrong Foundation trademarked the term "Live Strong" in the USA. Although we've been using the "Live Strong" motto on our logo and products since 2000 and would legally still be able to use the term, we decided to avoid any confusion by changing our motto to "Live Stronger™".

"Heavy Sports"?!?! What in the heck is a Heavy Sport???

Well, to us, Heavy Sports is sort of a short form for Heavy Duty Sports. Sports that we consider different from the mainstream sports that are constantly on TV like Baseball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, etc... 
'Heavy' because most of the sports we focus on involve lifting, pulling, dragging, or pushing a heavy amount of weight or force to achieve the Heavy Sport Athlete's goal. Whether that goal is to compete at sports like Body Building, Power Lifting, Armwrestling, Olympic Weight Lifting, or StrongMan competitions,  to help fulfill a personal goal, or even just to get into better physical shape.

Basically, a 'HeavySport' Athlete is an individual who either competes in or enjoys doing sports that involve using the body to create raw physical power, and push it to their limits...and hopefully beyond.


What's so great about these Power Athletes?

We like these athletes because they strive to do the best in what they do mostly for personal satisfaction, as they don't compete in team sports.
Most of the power sports don't have competitions where the athlete can make alot of money, if any at all.
There are some bodybuilders that make a living at their sport, but most of the other Heavy Sports Athletes do what they do for the love of their sport, and their expenses   for competing often end up being much, much more than anything they might hope to gain from winning a competition, especially Powerlifting and Olympic Style Weight Lifting, where you compete only for a trophy/medal, recognition, and the personal satisfaction of knowing that they are one of  the best at what they do, or tried their best.

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