The Heavy Grips hand grippers- Develop HUGE forearms and a crushing grip with the Heavy Grips hand-grippers. Perfect for all athletes to develop superior handstrength for any sport!
Heavy-Grip hand-grippers- Perfect for all athletes that need to increase hand and forearm strength.
The Heavy Grips hand grippers- Develop HUGE forearms and a crushing grip with the Heavy Grips hand-grippers. Perfect for all athletes to develop superior handstrength for any sport!

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Heavy Grips™ Handgrippers ship from both Canada and the USA. This ensures faster shipping for both countries along with traceable packages with insurance. If we are out of stock in Canada or the USA, we may send your order across the border and you will be responsible for all customs duties.

Important: We are not going to be held responsible for orders not making it to foreign destinations outside of North America. There is no way of tracking orders outside North America unless a very costly form of shipping is used. Although we have not had many problems, there are certain countries that pose more problems than others and for that reason we do not ship items to Nigeria and a few others. Our shopping cart blocks countries where there has been a great deal of fraud or stolen items and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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