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Meet Curtis Dennis Jr.-- Not only a great powerlifting journalist, but a growing powerlifter who at only 22 years old already tips the scale at 250lbs at 5'11". Click here to go to Curt's "Natural Freak" website!!Author Curtis "Natural Freak" Dennis Jr.

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Curt Dennis is 22yrs old and a dedicated powerlifter. He has  been competing for four years and has been  lifting weights since he was 12 years old.

He currently weights in at a massive  255lbs  at 5'-11". 

Curtis currently writes powerlifting and strength related articles for Bodybuilding.com and we're lucky enough for him to share his articles and stories with us.


On Curt's  'Natural Freak Online Website'  you can find more of his  stats, pictures, competition history, and his  workout progress.   So feel free to click around and visit his training site where you can find out more about his ingenius Max Fusion Strength System. 


Email Curtis Dennis Jr:  ironhercules@hotmail.com


Congrats Curt!! He is now sponsored by Monster Muscle.com!!