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Editors Note:  The following is a submission to Heavy Sports.com from bodybuilding champion Guy Grundy. Check out Guy's 'FitNetUSA' website at: www.fitnetusa.com . Guy offers a great insight into the bodybuilding world, and offers a great deal of personal information on himself.

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 THERE’S ONLY ONE DAVID PAUL    by Guy Grundy. ('95 to '99 Mr. Australia)

I remember sitting in front of my television back home in Australia when I was about 15 or so watching the Barbarian Brothers running wild in there movie The Barbarian Brothers, I was amazed at the personalities of the two gargantuan brothers & thought how great they were, who would have thought that one day that skinny little kid would not only meet them but one day become friends with David & Peter Paul.

I clearly remember seeing one of the brothers training in Gold’s, don’t ask me which one it was, as they looked the same to me back then, anyway I summoned up all my courage & walked up & said hello, That was the first time I ever meet them, I knew that David was a great photographer as I had seen some of his work in Musclemag, Then one day the moment arrived David asked me if I would like to shot with him, Hey I was in SHOCK, as it was like a dream come true that Dave would even consider shooting me, well I did shoot with Dave & have done a lot shoots with the big fella since then,

Generally shooting prior to a show is very draining & a tough task at the best of times, but I always look forward to shooting with Dave, Some of the things we got up to on our shoots I cannot talk about as they are to crazy to mention, so I will tell you about the things that can be talked about, were do I start, here we go, the first time I shot with Dave was with my ex wife & fitness model Kelly Grundy (Brownrigg)

We were following Dave to the shot location in our car, we were heading out to Malibu beach, One thing about Dave’s driving is that he drives were ever he feels like & that is generally on the wrong side of the road, all of a sudden Dave hits the breaks & swerves onto the footpath, he jumps out of his car with it still running in the middle of the walk way, he yells out that he has a great idea, Kelly & I are sitting in the car wondering what the hell he is doing, he then comes running out & ask if he can borrow a dollar to buy an apple, we give Dave the dollar & he comes running out with a green apple, he shows it to us & then asks us what we think of it, then he hopes in the car & swerves back onto the road, we finally get to the shot location & he starts talking about the apple & wondering out load whether he should have picked a red apple in stead of the green, this was a little to deep for me to understand so I just smiled as he wondered, the end result was an awesome photo shoot that landed us a cover with me holding the apple the green apple & to this day I always wonder what would have happened had he picked the red one, instead of green ?.

Another time Dave’s Brother Pete came along on a shot with us, when these two guys get together it is always the funniest thing, I am sitting in the back seat while Dave & Pete are killing me with all these crazy stories, I was like a week out from the Worlds, so the boys decide that they are hungry, they had just finished talking about how tough it is dieting & then they pull over to a Macdonald’s, then they ask me what I want, I was in shock, then they go through the Drive through & start yelling into the intercom that you order from, instead of ordering what they wanted to order they started yelling out to the poor guy & asking him what he wanted to order from them, the guy was in total confusion, I was laughing my ass of in the back of the car, this went on for at least a couple of minutes then they finally made there order, we get to the shot, we had to walk through a field of grass that was so long that we got lost, finally after what seemed like an hour of trekking through the bush we came to an old building in the middle of no where I have no idea how they found the place, then we had to climb over this fence that must have been at least 10 feet tall, The boys climbed the fence like they had been doing it all there life, I on the other hand, hadn’t climbed a fence since I was about 10 years old, I finally make it over the fence, then Dave says if the cops come we all run in different directions & meet back at the car, I had no idea were the car even was as the grass was so long you couldn’t see anything at all, anyway we start the shoot, it was going really well, but Dave decides we need a little more light in the house, Dave tells me to wait while Dave & Pete go out side the next thing I hear is this huge thump & Dave’s fist comes through the wall. He then sticks his head through the whole & says yeah that works, the light looks much better now, that shot produced my personal favorite photo to date.

On another occasion we are shooting & a man comes walking past with these huge dogs, he runs up to this guy & asks if he can borrow the dogs, the guy said sure but that the dogs were pretty viscous & he couldn’t guarantee us the dogs wouldn’t attack, Dave basically said (pointing at me) he is the one that will be with the dogs not me, well these dogs were huge & looked like horses more then dogs, I am sitting between the dogs & Dave is yelling out & waving his hands telling me to relax & act natural, I was shitting my pants the whole time, I was to scared to even move & here’s Dave saying act relaxed & do this & that, looking back I think that I was in shock the whole time, but once again that shoot was used as a double page spread in musclemag,

On another occasion Dave drove me & his agent Joanne who is a female version of Dave to a location, Dave had just bought an old studabaker, man he loved that car the only problem was the bloody thing didn’t go, we drove on the freeway with smoke pouring out the back going about 20 miles an hour on the freeway & all the while Dave is saying how much he loved the car, the car finally broke down in the middle of no where, we pushed it for about 20 minutes to a service station & got it fixed & then headed back out to do our shot location. We arrived & then we had to climb another fence & set up the whole shot for about an hour & then we had security come & kick us off the premises before we took any photos, I was just laughing & so was Dave, no matter what ever happened we always laughed about it, My ex wife Kelly would ask me who I was shooting with & if I said Dave she would get this look of fear in her eyes & say be careful, anyway we pack up the studabaker, Dave was determined to get some work done, so he gets me to stand in the middle of the freeway under a tunnel holding this huge rocket launcher gun that must have weighed at least 60 lbs, I had to run to the middle of the road between traffic it was near peak hour & Dave would take shots as I ran back & forth, this went on for about an hour or so, that shot became the ad for my sponsors Kaizen’s main ad campaign that has been there most successful by far, as a side note the car broke down on the way home again, that shoot lasted 5 hours, Dave is the most talented photographer & easily the most fun I have ever had, though a word of warning if you do shot with Dave pack a weeks worth of food, a change of clothes & a sleeping bag as you never know what will happen or where you will end up, the only guarantee is that you will have the photos of your life taken. I am now preparing for the worlds in June & look forward to some more adventures with the Barbarian brothers.

by Guy Grundyguychain.gif (48993 bytes)Mr. Australia 95 –99
2 x runner up World championships 99-2000





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